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Using eDelivery and our many helpful tips will help you reach your prospects. More important, they’ll reach out to you.
With 250 million emails being sent in the U.S. every day, getting your email campaign to the right people and then getting them to open and act on your message can be daunting. But, armed with tools like eDelivery-- and the tips and tricks we’ve compiled.  You’ll be able to create clever, highly targeted email campaigns that reach the right audience with a message that is sure to get successful results.

Tips for successful Campaign

Making A List - Checking It Twice


The foundation of any good email campaign lies in building and verifying — and then maintaining a list of valid addresses for your emails. There are dozens of list vendors from whom you can buy one-timeuse lists for prospects in your industry. But, these lists are expensive and often outdated. Of course, the list is only as good as the company that maintains it. What’s more, buying a list from a disreputable vendor can harm your — email and company — reputation.

Protecting your company’s email reputation

ISPs monitor email reputations. Buying a list from the wrong source can ruin yours.
Your email reputation is based on:

  • Spam complaints
  • How often your email is marked as “junk”
  • How many emails you send to inactive addresses
  • How often your emails are opened (or clicked through)

What’s the fastest way to ruin your company reputation?
Overuse of inaccurate email contact lists.

List-Making Made Easy, Successful, Safe with eDelivery



Building, verifying, and maintaining your own list is the best way to ensure high quality and success while  also keeping your reputation intact. Building a list that allows you to create the most targeted lists possible,It also means you can choose the search  criteria that’s important to you -- not a list vendor. These criteria allow you to base targets on items such  as year of founding, fi nancial segmentation, eight digit SIC code, whether they’re women or minority owned, and more. You may build and manager the list on google contacts what that means is that now you will have to make a change in only one place either ipad, smartphone or from the computer and eDelivery will synchronize all contact changes.  

Anatomy of A Good Email


Armed with the right list, you can move on to writing a good email -- one that will allow you to really  connect with prospects as you strike up a dialogue and capture their interest. Start by learning all you can  about your prospects -- their sales cycle, earnings, challenges, and pain points. 

A great place to start is by asking readers for permission to send them emails. There are two kinds of “Welcome” email campaigns:

  • Option 1 - Be explicit: Ask the reader for explicit permission to send them useful information from time to time. Explicit opt-in will result in a lower number of people on your list, but the list will be of much higher quality and produce better results
  • Option 2 - Assume opt-in: You’ve already done a good job of creating your list, so you might want to assume these people want what you’re offering and they can opt out at the bottom of the email. Doing this will result in a much higher number of people on your list, but it will also be of much lower quality.


The Message

  • Be concise: Use bulleted lists that highlight benefits. Enlist a strong, single call to action that drives the reader to a landing page.

  • Get personal: Let readers know you sent them the email for a reason -- make it clear they are not just part of a random mailing. 

  • Make an offer: Give them a white paper, exclusive web content, or an analyst report if they sign up on your landing page. Motivate action by making the offer available for a limited time.

  • Limit the clicks: Getting people to click on pages doesn’t transfer to conversions -- make navigation simple and conversions will increase.

  • Keep it simple: A simple, clean, straightforward design is always best. Put your logo in the upper left corner so it won’t be obscured by a partially opened browser window.

How to Creat Bad eMail

  • If the prospect has no idea who you are, start by offering a discount.
  • Use the word FREE, lots of capital letters, dollar signs, and exclamation points -- all of which cause SPAM filters to work overtime.
  • Send image-only emails or use red-letter fonts. Both are SPAM ? lter triggers.
  • Use lots of flash -- so much of it that prospects get tired of waiting for the upload and move on to something else.
  • Write a clever, cloying teaser subject line that makes the reader wonder what your email is about.


Tool For Success: eDelivery, Build A List, First Research
Building your own highly targeted list and then writing a successful email used to be tough. Thanks to eDelivery, you have the right tool to send email that are accurate, targeted, and economical. Couple that with First Research, and you have the ability to research an industry to help give you the right information to build better lists and create well-crafted emails that get results.

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